APP plans global campaign to push ‘zero deforestation’ policy next year



Asia Pulp & Paper, one of the world’s largest paper companies, is to launch a global campaign to communicate its green positioning to consumers next year, the company’s sustainability chief told Mumbrella in Jakarta today.

Aida Greenbury, the managing director of sustainability and stakeholder engagement for the Sinar Mas-owned giant, said today that she is working on a strategy to tell the world about APP’s “zero deforestation” policy, which was implemented in early 2013 after years of sustained pressure from NGOs led by Greenpeace.

“For the first two years since introducing the zero deforestation policy we’ve not been focusing on reaching the masses, rather those closely linked to sustainability issues. We figured that if we can make those stakeholders understand what we’re doing, then the word will spread out.”

“But how to communicate this message to the John Does on the street? We will have to make the message simple and easy to understand,” she said. Read more »

Bank encourages Malaysians to save with print ad that doubles as wrapping paper

Print ad wrapping paperMalaysian financial services group Bank Simpanan Nasional is encouraging Malaysians to save money by running a print ad that can be used as gift wrapping paper.

The bank argues that the best gift that can be given to loved ones is “the gift of savings” with a festively patterned full-page ad.

The idea, devised by Lowe, begins for Christmas time, with plans to roll it out again for Chinese New Year and other festive occasions.

The idea backs the bank’s positioning of “Saving at every step of the way through responsible spending’.” Read more »

Cheil Worldwide ECD Thomas Kim moves on after 20 years

Thomas KimThomas Kim, the executive creative director of Cheil Worldwide, is leaving the agency after more than two decades of service.

Kim joined the Korean agency in April 1995 and moves on to launch his own venture.

A company spokesman said in a statement: “After working at Cheil Worldwide for about 20 years, Thomas is leaving Cheil for new opportunities including launching his own business. Cheil is truly grateful for his work and dedication over the two decades and we wish him the best of luck with all his future endeavours.” Read more »

Dumb Ways to Die Christmas version released

McCann Melbourne, the agency behind one of the most awarded campaigns ever to emerge from APAC for Metro Trains, has released a Christmas-themed version of Dumb Ways to Die to the tune of Deck the Halls.

McCann teamed up with Tangerine Kitty’s Emily Lubitz, the original vocalist from Dumb Ways to Die, and members of the Salvation Army choir to produce the track. Proceeds from the tune, which is available for download on iTunes, go to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. Read more »

Bottles in a tree chime to tune of Pepsi’s ‘Think & drink’ recycling message in Vietnam

Pepsi is running a seasonal campaign to promote its “Think and drink” sustainability message in Vietnam.

In a minute-long commercial titled “Harmony”, empty bottles from various Pepsi soft drink brands hanging from trees collide to make a tune.

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Fluid and Protocol partner to address marketing gap between China and Australia

Paul Clarke (Protocol), Adrienne Bateup-Carlson (Protocol), and Guy Parsonage (fluid)

Paul Clarke, Adrienne Bateup-Carlson, Guy Parsonage

Two marketing companies, one from Hong Kong the other from Sydney, have struck a deal to help Australian marketers find an audience in China, and vice versa.

Hong Kong creative agency Fluid has forged an alliance with Protocol Global Consulting, a Sydney-based firm which specialises in targeting “high-value” Asian markets.

Fluid boss Guy Parsonage said the deal would provide a “catalyst” for making “valuable connections” between Australia and China. Read more »

Starcom strikes ‘industry first’ deal with China start-up accelerator

Starcom and ChinacceleratorStarcom is claiming to be the first media agency in China to enter a strategic alliance with a start-up accelerator.

The agency is to work with Chinaccelerator, which helps startups with three-month accelerator programs, to connect Starcom China clients with tech-based startups.

The partnership will give SMG China access “to harness the velocity of these innovative companies, and connect them with the business needs of its clients,” the agency stated in a press release. Read more »

Only three APAC countries deemed to have internet freedom, China is least free web nation

Freedom House survey

Green = free, yellow = partially free, blue = not free

The only countries in Asia Pacific reckoned to have a genuinely free internet, without restrictions on access or content, are Australia, Japan and the Philippines, according to an annual study by Freedom House.

China has the least free internet in the region, although North Korea and Laos – neither famed for internet freedom – were not measured in the study. Neither was New Zealand, which is one of the region’s freest democracies where press freedom is among the highest in the world.

More of the region’s countries were adjudged not to have a free internet than do, including – in descending order of internet freedom – Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam and China.

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Shangri-La launches hotel in Nanjing by asking locals why they love their city

To mark the opening of a new hotel in Nanjing, Shangri-La has launched a campaign featuring local figures giving their personal views on why they love their city.

The public are then invited to film their own reasons for loving Nanjing by posting and sharing their videos on Weibo and Meipai. The content is also hosted on Shangri-La’s Weibo minisite and prizes will be awarded for the most creative videos. Read more »

A year of Google searches reveals Singaporean news interests: money, national pride and football

The haze: Singapore's top trending news concern

Haze: Singapore’s top trending news concern

According to search engine Google, the most popular trending local news stories in Singapore this year involved primarily an interest in money, air quality, nationhood and the country’s most popular sport.

Top of the list of trending Singapore news of 2014 was “PSI Singapore”, a term used to look up air quality as the island nation experienced some of the worst air pollution in its history as a result of neighbouring Indonesia’s annual burning of forested land.

Second was ‘GST voucher 2014′, a story about the 1.6 million Singaporeans who stand to receive benefits and rebates.

Third was the Singapore Budget 2014, fourth was Singapore’s annual National Day Parade which marks the country’s independence from Malaysia, and fifth was a shopping mall.

Two others in the top 10 concerned money in what is one of the world’s most expensive countries to live in – the ‘Pioneer Generation Package’, a government scheme to curb healthcare costs, and ‘CPF contribution rate’, which concern’s Singapore’s Central Provident Fund, a compulsory savings plan for working Singaporeans. Read more »