Opinion TOBIAS WILSON February 9, 2017 4

The industry has lost its way: It's time all of us in adland stood up for what is right

From producing sub-standard work to ad fraud to staff exploitation, ad land is in a poor state, says Tobias Wilson. In this guest post, the IAB Singapore chairman urges everyone in the industry to stand up and be counted.

2017 is well underway. Trump is in, the left couldn’t be more at war with the right, with both getting more extreme as the days go by, and I’m pissed off.

Opinion DAVE TROTT February 9, 2017

Learn the law of diminishing marginal returns

In any profession it’s customary for old hands to tease new recruits.

To wind them up a bit.

In the RAF, in World War 2, they used to tell new recruits to watch out for the Oomegoolies bird.



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