Chinese tourists depicted as urinating pandas in PSA to encourage better behaviour abroad

China’s state television broadcaster CCTV has launched a public service announcement to encourage Chinese citizens to be better behaved abroad.

A TV ad depicts Chinese tourists as pandas on holiday in Australia, where they litter, sleep on park benches, urinate on public property and spray graffiti on trees.

The ad finishes with the line, ‘Be a good panda, be a good tourist.’

The agency behind the ad was DDB.

Update: Mumbrella has been informed by the agency that the PSA has been discontinued by CCTV, although the reason why was unclear at press time.

Update 15 October: DDB claims the above PSA is a director’s cut of the film and did not run on national television in China. A shorter version of the film did, however, run. In a press release, DDB describes the film as a “philanthropic piece” to remind Chinese people, “Do not forget the whole world is watching us.”

The film ran on the CCTV network, including channels CCTV-1, CCTV-7, CCTV-8, CCTV-9 and CCTV-10.

The version of the ad that DDB claims ran on national TV – minus the scene where the panda urinates in public – can be viewed here.


  1. Truth
    15 Oct 14
    11:20 am

  2. Like the overall premise of using Pandas to represent the Chinese, but I think they missed a step in the execution.

  3. More truth
    15 Oct 14
    12:56 pm

  4. Great idea. Bad execution…

  5. michael
    15 Oct 14
    3:11 pm

  6. Something fishy there. An ad for Chinese audiences with an English tagline? And would CCTV run a tvc with a urinating panda, pixellated or not? I am doubting that this was intended as a PSA for the China market. Can DDB clarify when it was aired?

  7. MisterTickle
    15 Oct 14
    9:09 pm

  8. How patronising: yet another example of how DDB China have no idea about the Chinese consumer OR they don’t care as they prioritise sensationalism over ‘insight driven creativity’.

    It’s quite cool to be banned for having a strong claim or pushing an idea – but for patronising a whole country – how out of touch are they over there.

  9. Michael S
    16 Oct 14
    6:54 am

  10. While amusing I think the ad really misses the mark if the intended audience is mainland Chinese and intent is to improve tourist behaviour when travelling overseas. How would Australian feel if we were depicted as boorish beer drinking koalas in Europe? To be effective I would suggest that the ad needs to tap into the Chinese psyche of national pride and patriotism to China so that they feel they let the country down if they don’t behave appropriately.

  11. Michael
    16 Oct 14
    10:36 am

  12. This story made the Daily Mail. Validation.
    One thing, on the director’s cut (below): why would a panda standing in front of two people taking a selfie be rdue? The camera is facing the other way 🙂


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