Mark Ritson Mumbrella360 recap: Digital video metrics a ‘tsunami of bullshit’

In this wrap-up of Mumbrella360 on June 7-9, 2016, we revisit highlights from the annual event.

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Marketing professor and branding columnist Mark Ritson sets out to challenge established thinking on the place of digital and social within the marketing mix. Ritson has taught marketing at London Business School, MIT, University of Minnesota and Singapore Management University, and he is currently a Professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School. Here in this video recap, he argues that the power of traditional channels often outweigh the flaky metrics of social media.

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Here, he argues that the power of traditional channels often outweigh the flaky metrics of social.


  • 0:00 Let’s look at social media: how many people are using it?
  • 1:48 The 8 biggest Australian companies do not engage effectively on social media
  • 7:41 I’m a private individual with more followers than K-Mart, Tim Tam and other big brands. Combined. Times two. WTF is going on?
  • 9:38 66% of Australians do not follow any brands on social media
  • 11:50 Traditional media is not dead; social is overrepresented when compared with spend
  • 14:20 Selling incorrect messages: Ritson calls out rubbish editorial
  • 15:50 Digital video: a tsunami of bullshit
  • 18:20 Turning audience view into digital view is bullshit
  • 19:50 CPM – the ‘M’ varies 10x more than the ‘C’ or the ‘P’
  • 21:00 1 pixel, no sound, 3 seconds – that’s what you’re selling to your clients
  • 22:59 the strength of newspaper exposure is more powerful than digital when it comes to targeted reach
  • 24:25 TV is dying… 85% of Australians will watch all of their content on TV; it’s the dominant video metric for the future
  • 25:54 Digital marketers are part of a mad cult
  • 27:07 The theory that Millennials are different is bullshit – they’re still watching 4 x more content on TV than on digital devices 
  • 28:50 In 10 years TV will still be the dominant format to watch video content on: it will be reduced but it will still lead
  • 30:00 Radio has more reach and longer engagement than Facebook
  • 31:44 There is no longer any non-digital media; the concept of digital marketing is about to cease to exist
  • 36: 06 You cannot be a marketer if you all you know about is digital
  • 36:48 You must know the difference between strategy and tactics; strategy first, followed by tactics
  • 40:30 Treat all media vendors like shit – make them prove their offerings to you

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