Sheepishly turning 20

So, BBH is celebrating 20 years in Singapore.

BBH black sheep

So the agency placed their black sheep mascot, which has the habit of popping up in different places around the agency, in various random locations around the city, made him go around in circles, and added a jaunty soundtrack.


  1. Sir Johnny
    22 Nov 16
    2:00 pm

  2. Looks like about 50 print visuals edited to make a “film”….this isn’t what the medium is made for. I understand the creator is a local photographer who works in their creative department…someone who’s spent decades taking pictures like this. So obviously it was just a case of raiding his archives and putting a black sheep in the photos.

    I expected much more creatively…they say if you cant do a good ad for yourself where you are the client, then what hope is there to do good work on an external client?

    Disappointed at this junk.

  3. An ex-black sheep
    22 Nov 16
    3:00 pm

  4. Happy birthday BBH.

  5. Trip_Trapping_Over_My_Bridge
    23 Nov 16
    10:58 am

  6. Happy Birthday BBH

    Good to see an agency having a little fun and taking time out to celebrate

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