Outbrain Best Practise Series: Small-Screen Best Practices for Winning Mobile Attention


Audiences are spending more and more time on mobile devices, where it’s harder for brands to win their attention. And this is where branded content can play a key role.

In collaboration with Outbrain, this webinar will show you some best practices on how to leverage on your mobile content.

Yoav Tourel, Head of Account Strategy, Australia & New Zealand at Outbrain, will cover:

– Best practices and emerging patterns for mobile content marketing

– Understanding mobile audiences: how do mobile audience consumes content, and what can we learn from it

– Outbrain for Mobile: a new way to engage and acquire mobile attention

Outbrain’s Best Practices Series – The Power of Earned Media: The Content Gift That Keeps on Giving


In collaboration with Mumbrella, this webinar will show you some best practices on how to leverage on your earned media content.

Yoav Tourel, Head of Account Strategy, Australia & New Zealand at Outbrain, will cover:

  • Why Earned Media is the bestmarketing asset you will ever have
  • How it allows you to succeed in content marketing without publishing a thing
  • How to extend the reach and impact of your earned media
  • Track the impact and optimise toward your KPIs
  • Collect and connect the data you get to power other channels.

Silverpop: The Rise of Customer Experience and Customer Journey


Webinar: The Rise of Customer Experience and Customer Journey (September 22, 2015) from Silverpop, An IBM Company on Vimeo.

This exclusive webinar explored:

• The importance of the customer journey
•  Journey mapping that allows for a detailed, holistic view of the user experience.
• The client-centered touch points to improve the user’s journey.

Outbrain’s Best Practices Series – Outbrain for Branded Videos: Opt-In, Not Interruptin’



This exclusive webinar features : 
Are the time and efforts you’re putting into your branded videos making an impact? 
Recent studies have proven that branded videos really move the needle on brand objectives such as awareness, perception, and interest. 
In collaboration with Outbrain, in this upcoming webinar we’ll show you some best practices on how distribute your branded video content. 


Yoav Tourel – Head of Account Strategy, Australia & NZ, Outbrain will cover:

– Online Ads vs. Branded Videos for brands
– How Outbrain works for branded videos (prime time, large scale, premium environment, brand safety, ROI)
– Best practices: examples of brands that have created great video content
– Hit the play button & get the video started: how to get started


Ultimate guide to assessing your digital marketing program

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Learn how to conduct a self-assessment that enables you to attack upcoming initiatives with renewed vigor and make substantial progress compared to what you’d achieve otherwise. You’ll get:

• Overviews of 7 assessment areas, including engagement, technology and content
• Interactive worksheets to help you in the evaluation process
• Tips for improving your performance in each marketing category
• 6 common assessment mistakes, and how to avoid them


Building Brand Engagement through Online Video – Singapore 24 October – event recording

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For the past year, tremendous growth has been witnessed in online video creation and distribution. With the explosion of YouTube stars, Facebook’s video-friendly newsfeed, and the viral sensation of the ALS ice bucket challenge, 2014 has proven to be the year of video. In addition, a new Vidyard poll confirms that the use of video is not just for entertainment or awareness value, but also as a legitimate source of revenue. According to the results, 71 percent of participants confirmed that video was better at driving conversions than other types of content such as text and photos. While we know including videos in content marketing increases brand engagement, do brands get it right every time?

On October 24th, PR Newswire organized its third Media Coffee event for 2014 in Singapore and invited Neal Moore, Co-Founder & CEO of Click2View Asia and John O’Callaghan, Director of Publishing & Partnerships Southeast Asia of Edelman to share their insights on how to create compelling videos to capture audience attention and how PR and marketing professionals could better utilize their multimedia content in this changing media landscape. Royce Shih, Vice-President, Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing of PR Newswire, who was also a speaker at the event, discussed the importance of having a strategy to distribute branded news and content, with tips and case studies of how video content could be better amplified.

Preview video below – to download the full event recording please see here.

Multi-Screen Advertising 2014 – white paper


Learn how leading Australian publishers including News Corp, MCN, Network Ten, Fairfax, Southern Cross Austereo and M19 are navigating the evolution of Multi-Screen Advertising.    Insights include forecasts around the growth of video on demand for smartphone, as well as predictions on the outcome of the battle for the living room.

Private Video Exchange

Facebook nation – making it work for your brand – webinar recording



Webinar sponsored and presented by Social Media Knowledge

The interactive session sees SMK discussing Facebook’s position in the Australian marketing landscape and key brand considerations. Virgin Australia addresses Facebook community management best practices and as a Facebook PMD Tiger Pistol expand on Facebook promotions and integration with Instagram.

Cross-Device User Identification – white paper



Too much digital advertising today is executed in silos. Audiences are built across smartphones, tablets and desktops, and campaigns are served across these devices with no clear understanding of audience overlap, and no way to effectively deliver sequential messaging. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing digital advertising today, and it is a challenge that is tackled head on by Lotame’s Cross-Device technology. Lotame Cross-Device uses a combination of probabilistic and deterministic algorithms to map digital devices together. In this whitepaper you will learn more about how this device graph technology works and the broad range of different use cases it offers to advertisers and publishers.

LOTAME DMP White Paper

Online lead generation – white paper series



What is Online Lead Generation?
An introduction to online lead generation. Find out why it’s trending and what tactics are available to you.


Insider Secrets of (Online) Lead Generation
The second series of iCumulus online lead generation white paper. Find out what insiders say about best practices and insights of successful online lead generation programs.


Introduction to iCumulus Online Lead Generation Service
Find out how we can tailor an online lead generation program that is right for you here in our white paper.


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