Lee creates exercise tracker to encourage Chinese to explore in heat-retaining jeans

Lee Jeans has launched a winter campaign across 32 cities in China to promote Magma Fusion, its line of denim that retains body heat.

TBWA film

The campaign begins with a series of videos hosted on a Lee website featuring Chinese celebrities, including singer Zhou Bi Chang and photographer and model Bonnie Chan, talking about pursuing their passion undeterred by the cold weather. Chang then calls on fans to use the Lee Warmth Tracker, a site embedded in Lee’s WeChat account that records how far the user has walked.

Lee Warmth trackerUsers are awarded points for how far they’ve explored their city and can get extra points from scanning QR codes at Lee stores and outdoor sites. Accumulate enough points and fans can win a pair of the new jeans and other prizes.

The digital activity is supported by print and outdoor.

Vincy Ho, marketing director of Lee Jeans China, said: “In cold winter, people in China would rather stay indoors to stay warm. We hope this campaign can remind our fans to keep pursuing their passion and can truly enable them to put this into action this winter.”

Joanne Lao, CEO TBWA\Greater China, added: “The tracker system came directly out of our Creative Tech Lab since it currently doesn’t exist on the branded WeChat platform. It’s a breakthrough since no other brand has yet embedded a tracker on this platform to reward different levels of fan engagement.”



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