10 content marketing trends to watch this year

Josh BlackIn this guest post that first appeared on LinkedIn, Josh Black ponders on the content marketing trends that will emerge this year in Asia Pacific.

I think it would be fair to say that almost everyone working in the content marketing is looking ahead, but very few understand where it is all really heading. If we look at the trends though, they possibly hold some clues to where it could be moving and what the future holds.

Here are 10 content marketing trends that I’m keeping a close eye on in 2016:

Robotic algorithms. You have probably already read at least one or two articles today that were written by a robot. The Associated Press (AP) is already using robots to write around 3,000 stories a quarter and that number is set to grow in 2016.

The stories may feel a tad ‘dry’ but with deep learning and human interaction, the quality of the stories are improving daily. Best of all, these robots don’t take a lunch break, never turn up late to work and are not interested in a pay rise.

Finding Information. Google’s Knowledge Graph is getting better and better each year at locating the information you are seeking and predicting what you want. Ten years ago, before it existed, that would mean we’d need to click on a search result (ie., your companies website) to find information. More and more, we just get it straight from the Knowledge Graph, which means the quality of content on your website needs to work harder than ever before for its clicks.

Visual content. Driven by internet speeds, smart-phone penetration and the brain’s love for visual content, expect visual content to keep growing and growing – great news for photographs, Infographics and Video.

True reality. ‘Virtual Reality’ will soon become ‘True Reality’ – CG (computer generated graphics) are being replaced by 360 Video which means content can be shot cheaper, produced faster and is more ‘real’. Get ready for VR to move from first-adopter gamers to the next phase of growth.

More noise. 80 per cent of Content Marketers will produce more content in 2016 than they did in 2015 – all that means is more noise, more clutter and a harder time cutting through.

Ad blockers. Ad-Blockers are on the rise… however, if anything, that should mean that high quality, well-produced and well-distributed content (ie., the good stuff) will deliver even better results for the brands that get it right.

Shop-able content. Almost every social platform is building shop-ability into its platform. Every image and interaction is a chance to move product. Never before has published content had an opportunity to directly convert consumers with the click or swipe of a screen.

Death of the second screen. The second screen has been the first screen for years now. We’ll stop using the words “second screen” in 2016 for fear of being jeered by our peers and colleagues.

11+ challenges. Facebook just turned 11 years-old and we all know, ‘you can’t be cool forever’. How the business adapts and changes to a changing world will be fascinating to watch.

Strive for real. Young audiences have always wanted ‘real’ quality content and they’ll go (en mass) to where they can find it. Welcome players like Wattpad to the party – a community where users can build and share amazing stories written by real people like you and me (not robots… yet).

Josh Black in the CEO, Asia Pacific, GroupM Content


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