Mumbrella360 video: What the artificial intelligence revolution means for marketers

In the wrap up of Mumbrella360 on June 7-9, we revisit the highlights of the successful event.

Chris Stephenson at Mumbrella 360

What is AI and what potential does it hold for society and marketing? How has it become one of the most talked-about issues of today? Chris Stephenson, head of strategy and planning, APAC, for Phd, looks into the AI-driven world of 2029 and the impact and implications of AI enabled marketing.

chris stephenson - m360 keynote - 2019

You’ve watched Watson winning Jeopardy and AlphaGo defeat Go grandmaster Lee Se-Dol, heard about the launch of the Facebook chatbots platform for brands; and seen footage of Google’s self-driving car.

chris stephenson - m360 - keynote - 2020

With both computing power and data collection increasing exponentially, our machines are gaining on us. Within just over a decade from now they will be far more intelligent than we are, AI is crossing the chasm from science fiction to science fact. The singularity is upon us.


  • 0:15: The implications sentience and AI will have on the media industry
  • 2:30: Selfies selfie world record attempt
  • 3:00: The timeline of AI
  • 5:00: Alan Turing – Turing Machine
  • 5:40: Threshold Logic
  • 6:30: Minsky and Edmonds – Neural Network Computer
  • 7:00: John McCarthy – The science and engineering of making intelligent machines
  • 7:50: First internet-connected appliance
  • 8:40: Ray Kurzweils prediction
  • 11:20: Creation of neutral networking algorithms
  • 14:00: Invention of Apple’s Siri
  • 15:00: Release of Google’s Now
  • 16:00: Risk of jobs being replaced within 2 decades
  • 18:45: How Google uses AI
  • 20:40: Software teaching itself a lazy strategy
  • 27:50: AdWords
  • 29:20: Mario Queiroz’s Home at Google I/O 2016
  • 29:40: Watson’s Al-powered unit launch
  • 30:00: Marketing segmentation
  • 31:00: Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs)
  • 35:40: Ecommerce
  • 36:10: Brand preference
  • 36:30: Bid speed
  • 40:00: AI’s becoming entrepreneurs
  • 40:40: The growth of AI
  • 44:50: The implications of AI
  • 47:00: Why is Data important
  • 48:00: Chris’ advice
  • 49:30: Presentation concludes

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