Mumbrella360 video: The Vice playbook to creating content for millennials

In the wrap-up of Mumbrella360 on June 7-9, 2016, we revisit highlights from the annual event.

Vice Media Mumbrella 360

In this session, Vice Media’s Erik Lavoie, who leads the company’s global accounts for brands including Unilever, Diageo and Samsung, reveals how Vice works successfully with brands to develop compelling content, marketing strategies and campaigns that connects with millennials.

Lavoie urges media companies to speak with transparency and authenticity to your markets as millennials have society’s most developed and honed bullshit detectors – they don’t want scripted or inauthentic experiences with their media.

Marketing in the 1980s could allow brands to present consumers with one-dimensional public image, Lavoie says that millennial audiences today would expect a more intersectional and multi-faceted brand presentation. Now, brands must build a transparent personality to incite consumer loyalty.

Lavoie discusses the importance of creating content tailored to fit different platforms, such as Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, so that consumers can access content without having to transfer from one medium to another.

When it comes to advertising Lavoie advises keeping an open mind about the way advertising and partnerships work, so that new avenues can be pursued.


  • 0:40: “Millennials are just young adults – we’re talking about 18 to 34 year olds…”
  • 1:00: Agenda: consumer trends, platform and innovations, Australian case study
  • 2:00: 18-34 year olds globally collectively spend 25 billion hours consuming content through media per month
  • 4:00: “Authenticity is key to young adults… they’ve been marketed to since the day they were born.”
  • 8:00: Multi-dimensional audience desires multidimensional brands – portray a dynamic image of your company
  • 11:00: Join the conversation only when you have something valuable to add
  • 14:00: Market content strategically: “what the content is, is important”
  • 15:00: Adapting to different platforms and channels
  • 22:00: Creating customised content for platforms – remove extra steps for the customer
  • 25:00: Embrace new platforms and learn from every mistake, early
  • 27:00: Exploring new distribution paths and ways of sharing content; the importance of thinking about advertising and partnerships differently
  • 28:00: What’s simple from a consumer’s perspective is incredibly complex: from ideation to execution
  • 30:00: Virtue, Vice’s in-house creative agency (a case study)
  • 32:00: Audience questions
  • 36:00: “The status quo isn’t gonna push the numbers”; there is no chance of growth without taking risks

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