24 Hours With… The Glitch’s Rohit Raj

24 Hours With... spotlights the working day of some of the most interesting people in Asia’s marketing and media landscape. Today, we hear about a day in the life of Rohit Raj, co-founder and creative chief of India-based agency The Glitch

9am: Hit the snooze button one last time to catch the precious five mins of extra sleep. I have never been a morning person and strongly believe that I work best after the sun sets. The clichéd double espresso shot followed by some quick catch-up of emails, news and social interactions later; I rush to the gym to shake up the senses.

 9:30am: I try and get in a workout at least six times a week even if it means a 30-minute run on the treadmill. This helps me stay guilt-free through the day when wading through an office invaded by fast-food eating millennials offering you French fries every 15 metres. A post-workout shower and I’m ready to take on the day.

11:30am: You value your job more when the official working hours are 11am onwards. The day usually begins with a quick catch up on the emails and calendar to align the to-do lists. While I love technology, there are some things that work best when put on paper, like the ‘to-do’ list.

12pm: Quick huddles with the creative and business teams on agendas and way forwards on existing accounts as well as upcoming pitches takes up the next hour. Today we sit here planning the next wave of pitches we have been invited for and aligning the right teams for it.

1pm: I try and squeeze a working lunch in my cabin while I scan through some industry news and case studies. This is interrupted by a call from our Delhi office where an airline pitch that is due next week needs some insight mapping inputs. So the lunch gets ignored and off we go to the conference room to join Team Delhi on video call. One thing I have learnt in the last 10 years of working is that we may scale our technologies and put a man on Mars, but we will never be able to connect smoothly to a video conference in the first attempt. Many attempts later, we finally manage to set the ball rolling.

2:30pm : My watch pings to tell me I have a calendar block for the next hour with the team that leads Netflix. A shoot is scheduled for next week and we are to do a pre-production meeting to close the same. This meeting spills over thanks to a gush of ideas and opinions on things from everybody in the room. Something I really appreciate at Glitch is that as a creative company, we hire creative people for all jobs. So a servicing person isn’t rendered to just client servicing but also has the creative thinking ability to add his/her inputs in a creative brainstorm. New perspectives always help and an hour and a half later of battling and sorting all perspectives we leave the room feeling satisfied with the result. This shoot is going to be quite a kicker.

4pm: I have a meeting with our creative technologist to discuss the roll out plan for new service we are to launch. The team has been working for the last two months against crazy deadlines to have this in place ‘ASAP’. This service enables our creative teams to develop and churn out simple games with just a few clicks thus enabling us to build topical interactive games basis of the conversations on social.

4:30pm: 30 minutes later, all teams are aligned for the roll out plan. Now time for that one thing everybody assumes is the only thing that happens in agencies, Brainstorms. This one is for the launch of a new product by a brand that cannot be named at this point. Brainstorms usually start off as brain farts where everybody says whatever comes to their head with no filter of brand, language, insights etc. at some point when we see this going nowhere, we then put on the brief lens and look at the brain farts that have been captured to see if the next Cannes idea is hidden someplace there. Brainstorms generally tend to go on for at least a couple of hours and that is exactly what was in store for us here.

6:30pm: It’s time for huddle 2.0 with the creative teams to hear the ideas and plans for all the pieces we discussed earlier in the day. The beer order sheet has been on the loose for some time now and the orders have just started getting delivered. We close the plans and pop open the beers as we discuss next steps. You can hear gunfire battle sounds outside as various trigger happy people have gotten the call of duty server going. I have enough time to catch a couple of games before I head back home

8pm: Back home, I like to plonk myself on the couch and scan through every OTT platform for the next 30 mins trying to figure what I should watch and finally give up and watch reruns of something on TV. Sometimes too many choices are a bad thing. The wife returns home from work by 9 and we catch up on each other’s day over dinner. The wife also makes the decision of what show/movie to watch and that then takes over the next 2 hours.

12am: The wife has an early start so she decides to retire for the night and that is where my “Me” time begins. I spend the next couple of hours doing some reading. I am currently finishing a book titled “How music got free”. I have a habit of reading multiple books simultaneously so invariably I am in the middle of 2-3 books.

 2am: The eyes begin to shut as I read and it’s a sign that maybe the body needs some sleep. I have this condition that doesn’t let me sleep in silence so I put on my earphones and play a podcast ‘Between Worlds’ on memory hacking and pass out somewhere in the middle of a discussion on the tools artists and orators used for…..zzzzzz


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