The parallel universe you – earning more, winning more, all because you went to Mumbrella360 Asia

What will you achieve by sitting at your desk for three days instead of attending the media and marketing conference, Mumbrella360 Asia, in Singapore? Here’s a guess: 15 coffees consumed, 400 non-important emails answered, six stultifying meetings attended and 20 ‘stop and chats’ – as Larry David would put it

Well folks, there are just around seven days to go before the best media and marketing conference in the region this year: Mumbrella360 Asia. In a week or so, there could be a more successful doppelganger of you walking around somewhere in a parallel universe.

Said double – for the sake of brevity, let’s call her Krystal – bought a ticket to Mumbrella360 Asia, the three-day media and marketing conference in Singapore (November 7-9). You, however, decided to stay in the office in order to save yourself (or, let’s be honest, your boss) a few hundred dollars. Bad move.

So imagine that near future. Krystal has witnessed hours and hours of leading-edge thinking from the best minds in the industry. She knows that at every meeting she attends, she’s now the smartest person in the room. She is already negotiating a great payrise with her company, having done a number of deals at the 360 networking session. In short, her stock is sky high and her contacts book is bulging – as is her firm’s revenue.

She is the person you want to be. The optimised version of you. The future-proofed you without the shortcomings. If Charlie Sheen was in the room, he would say that Krystal is “winning”. If Gary Vaynerchuk was there as well, he would say she “smashed it out of the park”. Meanwhile, you are languishing in the doldrums.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You still have time to turn it around. So, with that in mind, we are staging an intervention. Don’t let this happen. Dig (not that deep) into your company coffers and speculate to accumulate. Buy your (very reasonably priced) ticket for the event at Marina Bay Sands before it’s too late.

Doing so will mean you see a host of global, regional and local experts – who can put you on a par with Krystal by elevating your knowledge beyond industry norms. They include:

  • Scott Hagedorn, global CEO, Hearts & Science
  • Mat Baxter, global CEO, Initiative
  • Deborah Goldingham, head of marketing for South East Asia, Mastercard
  • Lou Hoffman, global CEO and founder of The Hoffman Agency
  • Cheryl Goh, group vice-president of marketing, Grab
  • Karen Yew, head of brand and communications, Mediacorp
  • Yvonne Tey, marketing director for South East Asia, Under Armour
  • Christian Kurz, senior vice-president of global consumer insights, Viacom
  • Grace Liau, head of media for APAC, Google
  • Valerie Madon, chief creative officer for South East Asia, Havas
  • Geoffrey Pickens, client partner for South East Asia, Facebook
  • Erica Kerner, APAC vice-president of marketing and communications, Tiffany & Co. (also chairwoman of the Marketing Society Singapore)

Still not convinced? How about knowing how to effectively utilise Blockchain, VR, AI and machine learning? Krystal certainly does. And where else in Asia are you going to see company CEOs connected up to a polygraph machine live onstage defending the way they spend ad dollars?

You can view the full program here.

Imagine the insights to be gleaned from these candid conversations by the C-suite. What will you achieve by sitting at your desk for three days instead? Here’s a guess: 15 coffees consumed, 400 non-important emails answered, six stultifying meetings attended and 20 ‘stop and chats’ – as Larry David would put it.

Krystal might say it’s a rather shortsighted approach to take. Well, she would if she hadn’t sharpened her emotional intelligence by seeing the professionals communicate exceptionally well at 360.

In fact, Krystal will probably be speaking at 360 come 2018 – she’s that good. And so could you be. It’s time to make that change while you still can. Don’t be a laggard, be a leader. Learn from that better you, learn from Krystal. Tickets can be purchased here.

You’re either in the game or you’re not.


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