That conversation with your boss about attending Mumbrella360 Asia

Sometimes you need to lobby your boss hard for the greater good of your company, this is one of those times – as coming along to Mumbrella360 Asia will provide your firm with real bang for your buck

We have all been there. You see an amazing conference on the horizon where you know you will not only learn a lot, but also do some great business. However, your boss isn’t convinced they’ll get the ROI.

Well, if it happens to you and your boss isn’t playing nice, then why not use some of the responses – in the imagined email conversation below – as a script to convince them otherwise.

Good luck.

Shawn (the employee): Hey boss. Did you get a chance to look at the Mumbrella360 Asia conference details I sent through? I really think it’s worth me going along – and maybe take some of the team as well.

Cindy (the boss): I haven’t had a chance to look yet Shawn, but there are so many of these conferences around. Why does this one stand out?

Shawn: For a start, the program is better than anything else happening in Asia this year. There are more than 100 speakers (including 25 international speakers), five streams of content, an exhibition and, best of all, the one-to-one networking afternoon where I’ll get to talk shop with CEOs and CMOs. If I can’t get some deals from that, well then you shouldn’t be employing me. In fact, you should fire me if I don’t return with at least one new account.

Cindy: OK, I’ll humour you. So who is going to be there exactly?

Shawn: There’ll be hundreds of people including a lot of marketers, agency types, media owners, adtech folk and consultancy bods to name but a few. I’ll get a lot from the masterclass learning zone too – hearing about copywriting, WeChat, cross-device marketing, B2B marketing, pitching to the media, engaging webinars, mobile intimacy, leading a business in a downturn, Blockchain, avoiding idea theft, email marketing and brand momentum.

The various sessions on China as a huge new market and the presentations on AI and machine learning will be worth hearing too, with future deals in mind. Meanwhile, the Havas session on how you combine creativity with data to do business in a new way will also be great for my development.

And I promise to pass on everything I’ve learned to the rest of the team afterwards, even those I don’t like. Sorry, I didn’t mean that last bit. Too many coffees today.

Cindy: But you’ll be gone from the office for three days. Where’s the ROI?

Shawn: The conference has the Mumbrella Asia quality kitemark, so it won’t be a tired talking shop with the same old faces saying the same things. It will be great for my skill set, and for business. If we don’t go, I think we’ll regret it.

I’ve heard amazing things from our Australia office about the sister 360 event in Sydney, it’s the one must-attend media and marketing happening on the calendar there.

And remember how you’ve banned unnecessary international travel until we hit budget? With Mumbrella360 Asia, we don’t need to go far to get a global-quality experience. As I said, I can count at least 25 overseas speakers on the program – including international players from IPG Mediabrands and Tencent.

It’s like going to a global conference on the other side of the world without having to put up with jet-lag and an endless stream of bad airline meals. And I’m sure there will be lots of booze consumed too. Sorry, did I really just say that?

Cindy: That doesn’t change the fact that budgets are tight Shawn – you might be better off staying in the office and focusing on hitting your numbers.

Shawn: All the more reason for me to go then, in order to win new business. This is perhaps the only forum this year where the right C-suite execs we want to speak to will all be in the same room together. I hear that seven-figure deals get done during the networking session at the 360 sister event in Australia.

Where else are you going to get breakfast sessions, lunchtime debates, four streams of content and masterclasses too? They also work really hard to stop the speakers from selling to us.

Cindy: OK, OK, I admire your indefatigability, as George Galloway once said to Saddam Hussein. In truth mate, I’m looking at the program now as I type. It’s pretty impressive, what with the likes of Hearts & Science guy Scott Hagedorn and Cheryl Goh from Grab speaking, not to mention the agency CEO lie-detector test session (that made me chuckle). It doesn’t get any more transparent than that does it?

But it almost seems a bit too diverse, no?

Shawn: Yes, it’s true there’s something for everyone – the generalist and the specialist. That’s the beauty of it, you learn about what everyone has been doing in your niche over the past year and what those in related sectors have been doing – hence the 360 name. I can promise you I will return to my desk the week after able to do my job a lot better than before, and with some new business to boot.

There really are some key sessions that provide a real deep-dive. There will be brand new research from Mintel’s International Trends Consultant Richard Cope, looking at what the big picture trends in politics and media consumption mean for the relationships between companies and consumers.

And the Asian premiere of the documentary Merge, on marketing and artificial intelligence, from media agency PHD, will consider how many marketing decisions will begin to be dictated by algorithms and self-taught machines, leaving brands struggling to influence an algorithm rather than a human. We might need to know about this stuff boss.

Cindy: Perhaps I should go myself then, I’m starting to get a bit of FOMO about the whole thing now. It would be good for the sales team to be there too actually.

I like the look of the TrinityP3 session on client-agency behaviour, where the panel will discuss scenarios that actually happened and then ask the audience to vote on whether the agency and client in question behaved acceptably or not.

The RhythmOne session on talking to brand tribes through dark social and the  Eyeyah! Magazinesession on creativity and conscience when advertising to young children look thought-provoking too.

 It’s definitely not the usual circular discussions you get at industry jamborees.

Shawn: Yep, I told you, this conference is all about bold and brave ideas boss. We could get a group rate for five – or even 10 – of us with a nice discount on ticket prices.

All of our competitors will be there in force. Not only will they be talking to all our clients, they’ll know more than us too if we don’t go with a strong presence from our management team. If we see any of our competitors talking to a client and getting on really well, we can make a passive aggressive interruption or spill coffee on them. That was a joke, by the way. I’m not condoning violence.

Cindy: Alright, but this is the only conference we are going to this year then Shawn. And I’ll take you up on your word to fire you if you don’t come back from the event with at least one new client.

 I hope this script helps you just a little bit, if your boss isn’t sure of the real value of coming along to Mumbrella360 Asia in November.

You can check out the  full program online, and check out the  ticket options here.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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