Dr Mumbo

So which Jenner is which again? Not even The Straits Times knows

Dr Mumbo does not pretend to be an aficionado when it comes to celebrities, but even he is quite certain he can tell the Kardashian clan apart when duty calls. Difficult as it is given they do all look quite similar.

And he certainly would expect the editors of The Straits Times’ inside magazine Life to be able to do the same – as he suspects they may have more reason to than old Dr Mumbo on a day-to-day basis.

So he was rather surprised to see today’s piece heralding the birth of Kardashian offshoot Kylie Jenner with a picture he suspects isn’t actually her:

Indeed, Dr Mumbo, betraying his cultural credentials here, suspects upon closer inspection that the file image chosen here is in fact Kris Jenner – the new baby’s grandmother – after her own labour delivering Kylie.

To be fair to the ST, the article came from their wire subscriptions listed as the Washington Post, Reuters and AFP.

But then again Dr Mumbo always concurs a bit of extra checking never goes amiss: especially when (rather depressingly) it involves one of the most public families in the world.

Well if the ST ever finds itself needing a showbiz columnist, Dr Mumbo, although indeed more qualified than their news wires, will pass on the gig. He’s already slightly worried he knows rather more about this family than he really cares to.



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