24 Hours With…Meltwater’s Mimrah Mahmood

In this 24 hours with, the APAC regional director of Meltwater, talks juggling multiple What's App conversations, talking droughts with car manufacturers and fatherhood

4am: My day starts very early now that I have a six-month baby boy. My wife and I have a system, and I am in charge of his feeding and welfare at night. Usually he will wake up at 4am to feed and that is when my day starts. It’s a good way to start the day and a reminder of what’s really important for me.

5am: Because of Meltwater’s global presence, I catch up with the latest from our US teams as their day winds down. I might schedule in calls with senior management, product or legal teams before they leave for the day.

6am: Once I get the latest from our international teams, I get in a bit more time with my son – which involves me cleaning him up and some quality bonding time before my wife and I head into work. By 7am, we’re both out the door and heading to work.

7.30am: First thing I do when I’m in the office is to get updated on industry and tech news. The great thing about working at media intelligence company is that I already have all the tools needed to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry that might affect our business. This is also usually when I take my breakfast – got to feed the body while you feed the mind!

8am: Once I’m up to speed with what’s happening internally and externally, I spend some time on calls with my Japan and Australia teams since their timezone is ahead. It’s always interesting to find out about the diversity and similarities of challenges and opportunities that play out across the region.

9am: Time to focus on local and regional customers as well as my sales team. The value proposition of external research is relatively easy to understand, but where our sales team excel is in not just selling a solution, but helping clients derive value from media intelligence.

Team meeting: ‘Time to focus on the sales team’

12pm: Just before lunch, I keep a timeslot open for my internal and operations team to talk about anything that needs my attention – like sitting down with my marketing and PR team to talk about upcoming events or media requests.

12.30pm: Lunchtime. I believe food is one of the great equalisers in life, so I take this time to head out with various teams, even those that don’t report to me directly. It’s a good opportunity to hear about the successes and challenges that people are facing, and for me to also share where I’m hoping to grow the business.

1.30pm: This is another timeslot to catch up with internal teams. I’ve noticed that the way people work has really diversified over the years, and often I’m juggling conversations over a multitude of platforms, like Whatsapp, LINE, email, Slack – just to name a few.

2pm: Time for external meetings. This is one of favourite parts of my job. I see my role in these meetings as an advocate for the power of external data and a lot of conversations revolve around how to practically bring external data into their existing decision making process.

These conversations are very much a two-way process; I walk away with a better understanding of how businesses use data – and they have a better understanding of its affect on their operations. For example, I recently had a conversation with a multinational automotive company about how news around droughts could have an impact on their supply chain.

5pm: Failure to plan is a plan for failure – so I take some time near the end of the day to organise my thoughts. I’ll update relevant teams, delegate tasks and recap any important conversations I’ve had.

6.30pm: Time to order a Grab, and pick up my wife to head home.

6.45pm: Family time. I keep my phone and laptop far away from me because this is an important time for me. I’m extremely blessed with an amazing family, so taking time to really focus on them is a priority.

‘Family time is priority’

8pm: This is when I take a little bit of ‘me time’. I have dinner while watching YouTube videos, usually US late night shows. After a long day, it’s always nice to have some downtime.

9pm: This is typically the last of my cross-country conference calls of the day – but it’s to my parents in the Maldives. We usually catch up on how everyone is doing, and they get a chance to coo over their grandson.

10pm: Unless there are scheduled calls with Europe teams, this is usually when I turn in for the day, and get ready to start the day all over again.


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