24 Hours With… Bonsey Jaden’s Daniel Posavac

In this edition of 24 Hours With, the Singapore-based CEO of digital agency Bonsey Jaden relives a manic Monday of pitches, client calls and a bit of jogging

Running nine offices across seven countries means being in Singapore can feel like a luxury at times, and last Monday was one of those.

6.30am: I have become a morning person over the last five years, and it’s not by choice. I usually try to get up before 7am to get ahead on the day and today I succeed thanks to a quiet Sunday night. The battle to check or not check my phone begins.

6.45am: The battle has been lost today, but I manage to snap away from the screen after 15 minutes of checking emails, Twitter, football scores and Instagram.  

7am: I am lucky that the roof of my building has a jogging track (about 1km lap). I try and come up here a few times a week to stretch and do a few sprint laps. It’s always a refreshing start to the day looking at Singapore from the 51st floor. 

7.30am: Shower and preparation for work. I am trying not to skip breakfast (lazy habit) so I sneak some rice bread and Nutella. Kind of healthy right.

8am: Key action items. I always feel freshest in the morning so I try and knock out my key action items for the day along with important e-mails. Today it’s quotation checks, pitch preparation and finance.

9.30am: First meeting of the day. I try and set the most important meetings in the morning, and today was a solid session with a key client.

10:30am: Check in between meetings. We are shifting all our agency communications onto Slack so I make an effort to check Slack first before e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Messenger and Telegram. I wonder if anyone really needs this many messaging platforms. 

11am: Call with Japan. We are working on a cool global project with a Japanese agency partner so these calls are always enjoyable. It’s amazing how connected the world is from Singapore.

Midday: Lunchtime. I try to get out of the office for lunch whenever I can, and today Nic (my co-founder) and I stroll over to Salad Shop for our weekly salad fix. This is usually a mini WIP session and today we chat about our team, upcoming projects, finances and new hires we are looking to make.

1pm: Office check in. Back to Slack and the multitudes of emails, which have by now begun pouring in. Our Google Apps dashboard tells me Nic still sends more emails than me, but I do receive more than him. Not sure this is a healthy competition. 

1.30pm: Client call (Melbourne). Our Australian business is growing quickly, so developing our team and the client relationships is a key focus. 

3pm: New business meeting. My favourite kind of meeting because it is an opportunity to meet new people, learn about new business challenges, and introduce our young agency to another potential partner. The meeting goes well, and we agree to a follow up in order to pick up a pitch brief. If only hiring people was this easy.

4.30pm: Pitch preparation. Working with on a regional pitch means lots of Skype (now Slack) calls with our regional leadership team.

5.30pm: Finance call. I catch up with our finance director to discuss the fun topics like billings and cash flow.

6.30pm: Email check in. I live by the ‘Inbox Zero’ philosophy so I try and clear my emails and organise my key action items for the next day before I head for dinner. There are still a few emails left which I will need to get to later.

7pm: Dinner: One of our partners from Australia is in town so we catch up for dinner and a few drinks. 

10pm: Back home. Time to clear the emails for the day and lock in the task list for tomorrow. I am only flying once this week, which is a rare occurrence – and a bonus. Inbox Zero has been achieved and I feel like it will be a productive week.

11pm: I wind down and catch up with my partner over the phone to find out about her day and plan the week ahead. Looks like I will get my seven hours of sleep tonight. Routine is hard to keep in our world, so a day like this is always a win.


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