Singapore Kindness Movement urges Singaporeans to ‘Be Greater’ in work from 3-sixty

Singapore agency 3-sixty Brand Communications is behind a fresh push to encourage Singaporeans to be kinder – even though most people believe they are compassionate enough.

The campaign for the Singapore Kindness Movement carries the slogan ‘Be Greater’ and includes TV, print, digital and social.

Cindy Tay, general manager of 3-sixty, said the agency needed to create a message that was not shunned by a public already satisfied with their behaviour towards others.

“A nationwide study discovered that Singaporeans and residents believe that they are already kind enough,” she said. “They are more or less satisfied with the way things are – and have been for the past few years – and see no need to become even kinder.

“Yet another campaign about kindness would almost fall on deaf ears. The challenge was to redefine it, in a language and concept that would make everyone take notice, and see it with fresh eyes.”

Singapore Kindness Movement general secretary Dr William Wan said Be Greater aims to educate people that kindness means “more than just doing small and random acts”.



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