24 Hours With… Sheena Yap Chan of ‘The Tao Of Self Confidence’ podcast

From podcast interviews and writing a book to looking after her grandma and working out, podcaster Sheen Yap Chan takes us through a busy day in her life

5am: My alarm on my iPhone goes off and I wake up. I get my gym clothes and head to the gym in the condo that I am staying at, to start my workout.

I run on the treadmill for an hour while listening to my playlist on my iphone. I have enough songs on my iPhone to last me an hour on the treadmill. I like fast-paced songs to get my energy levels up.

When an hour is up, I walk around the pool just outside of the gym to cool myself down.  Working out in the morning for me really gets my day going and I feel very energetic after. I do my best to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  

7.00am: I walk to the 7-Eleven store to get my morning coffee. I put a tablespoon of coconut oil in, as it helps you keep awake and alert. I am not much of a breakfast person, which is why I only have coffee. I am also checking stats on my podcast and my emails from the night before.

8.00am: I am recording an interview for my podcast ‘The Tao Of Self Confidence’. I really love interviewing the women I meet. The stories they share and what they have been through keeps me going on my own journey. They have also helped to generate 775,000 downloads of the podcast.  

Today I interview a woman from Germany, who is a successful relationship coach. She is of Indian descent, but is now living in Germany with her husband and child. She shares her struggles with confidence. I think as women, especially Asian women, this is what we go through all the time but never talk about it. That’s the very reason why I created the podcast as a support system for Asian women.  

She mentions how she was attracting the wrong men in her life. One man she was dating actually broke up with her and told her that he can’t be the man she wants him to be and to figure out what she truly wanted in life. This moment did help her find her true self and her ‘unique signature’. I liked the term ‘unique signature’ because I believe that we all have that to offer to the world.So we learn that she then changed her career, leaving the corporate world to become a relationship coach helping people find their true soulmates. She is also happily married with her own soulmate and they have a child together.

I go on to chat with her after the interview about her life story and what she has been through. I think it’s great that podcasting has allowed me to connect with so many successful Asian women. I still get nervous before an interview starts even though I have interviewed over 500 women, but once the record button hits I feel like I am in my zone.

9:30am: My grandmother comes to pick me up as I take her to her therapy session.  

Sheena Yap Chan with her grandma

10.00am: We arrive at the physical therapy office and we are there for about two hours. While she is there doing her physical therapy exercises, I talk to her and show her pictures of my sisters and parents from Canada – through Facebook and Instagram – so that she can see what they are up to.  

I am in the Philippines to spend time with my grandmother and I am glad that being on the internet has allowed me to be able to work from anywhere in the world.  

While my grandmother is getting her muscles massaged, I check on my LinkedIn notifications and connections. I really love LinkedIn, it’s a great social media platform for me where I can connect with like-minded people and share my thoughts. The energy of LinkedIn is totally different (in a good way) than other social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram.

12:30pm: Lunchtime. My grandmother and I are on the way home back to her house for lunch.  I am vegan and finding a vegan place in the Philippines is like finding a needle in a haystack.  I go to one place where I order two chickpea wraps to go, and bring it home to my grandmother’s house.  

I help her prepare the food for her and my uncle. I also wash any dishes to lessen her workload. At 84, she is still cooking and still moving around which I am grateful for.

While sitting down for lunch, she is already telling me what the plans are for our annual family Christmas celebration. Christmas in the Philippines is huge. They start playing carols in the malls in September and you will start seeing decorations in October. She is telling me how we are spending two nights at a beach resort and on Christmas day and then it’s family bingo at my aunt’s place.

2.00pm: I bid my grandmother farewell and thank her for lunch, since its her nap time. She always tells me not to say thank you anymore since were family. I still thank her, I practice gratitude when I can. I head to the coffee shop to get my work done.

Today, I decide to work on my book 101 Ways to Make Money from Podcasting. It want to launch it International Podcasting Day. I start writing about the many things I have learned on my journey. To be honest, in the beginning I was pretty surprised at how many different ways you can directly and indirectly make money with podcasting.

Doubts come into my head about whether the book will do well or not. Nonetheless, I continue to write – shutting down my doubts. People think I am super confident because I have a show about self confidence, but I do encounter moments of self-doubt like any other person.

5.00pm: I take a break from writing and start scrolling down my social media. I am not one of those people who can work eight hours straight, I definitely need a break.

5:30pm: I get back to writing my book. I am the type of person who likes to do one thing for the day so today would be devoted to the book. The goal is to finish it today, as I’ve been writing it for some time now.

8.00pm: I call for a Grab taxi to go home since I am done. I feel like I am on top of the world since I was able to finish writing the book.  

8:30pm: I get home and since I am not so hungry, I just have a protein bar.

9.00pm: This is my Netflix time. I am not going to lie, I am a Netflix junkie. I like watching the shows so that I can analyse the scripts in my head. I get some great lines that I can put into my own writing from watching TV shows and movies. Today I am watching Ozark season two, which is great.

10:30pm: Before I go to bed, I write in my journal. It is a great way for me to dump all my thoughts for the day (good or bad) and also to examine what has happened. It’s very therapeutic and it clears my head of thoughts.

11.00pm: I set my alarm to 5am and go to sleep. It’s been a long and productive day.


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