24 Hours With… Click2View CEO Simon Kearney

24 Hours With... spotlights the working day of some of the most interesting people in Asia’s marketing and media landscape. Today, we hear about a day in the life of Simon Kearney, the founder and CEO of content marketing agency Click2View


I get up at around 7am  – alright more like 7.30am – every morning. I’ve always tried to be the rock star morning bloke but it’s just not me.

(Ally [wife]: It’s more like 8am)


Walk the dog and think about work or whatever else is on my mind, then home for a farmer’s breakfast of coffee and eggs.

After the calm comes the storm, as Ally and I get ready for work our son Alex does his best to harry us at every turn. We typically hand him over to the in-laws and are both out of the house by 8.30am (OK 9am).

I’d love to be a bit earlier and get a seat on the bus, but normally I am not and have to resort to catching an Uber.

(Ally: This is not a promotional post, he’s really that disorganised.)


We used to have millennial-style flexi hours arrangement, but now we have a hard start at 9.30am with a morning all-hands conference to discuss the day.


In an ideal world, I would spend my day variously talking to clients, working on scripts or concepts, editing blogs, directing a shoot or getting behind the camera myself. Practically this happens much less than I would like. In the real world, I try as best I can to keep the creative, production and company admin plates spinning.


I frequently try to have a mid-morning coffee with someone I haven’t met before, either someone who has got in touch with us or whom we’re currently working with that I haven’t met yet. The great thing about being a content agency is that we get to work with some immensely talented people who always have a good story to tell.

Otherwise I’m in and out of client meetings – they can happen at any time.


One thing I’m very serious about is lunch. I try and have a good sit-down lunch with a client or staff member every day. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it is important that it is kept to just two people, which is most conducive for meaningful conversations to take place.

The famous luncher, author and journalist Keith Waterhouse’s 1986 book The Theory and Practice of Lunch, while a little out of date on drinking and smoking trends, is a good read on this and Holy Writ for getting the most out of the hours between noon and 2pm (or later…).


In the afternoon it’s back to the grindstone. If I’m lucky I’ll squeeze in a session at the gym. I’m pretty good at getting a workout in during the afternoon.

(Ally: Results totally destroyed by evening drinks with clients.)


In the evening I will often meet a client or contact for a beer. Typically I’m home around 8pm, sometimes later. I do try to be back before our boy is asleep.

(Ally: Usually after I call him.)


My weekday dinner tends to be alone. My mother-in-law cooks dinner at our place every day no matter what we say and my wife, being filial, eats this dinner. I can’t eat her mother’s cooking every day so I have something in a second sitting, not ideal but it maintains cross-cultural harmony.

(Ally: Except when I want second dinner.)


Brainless TV time, then work if something urgent (or interesting) needs attending to, or, when the gods are smiling, I will get to sit down and read a book until late.

(Ally: You forgot empty the dishwasher and to take out the rubbish.)



(Ally: At 11.35pm he gets kicked out of bed because he’s forgotten to walk the dog. Again)


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