SCMP refreshes brand identity in bid to become global media powerhouse

The South China Morning Post has unveiled a new company logo and ‘corporate identity’ in an attempt to move beyond its associations as simply a broadsheet newspaper.

The Hong Kong-based media house’s new company branding coincides with the team’s move from its old newsroom in Leighton Street, Causeway Bay, to a six-floor hub at Times Square.

The announcement:

From a regional newspaper, the South China Morning Post has grown into a news media organization available to readers and users across multiple channels, platforms and formats. It has now become necessary for its identity to be recognisable and adaptable across all of these.

The new identity also enables the South China Morning Post to highlight its roots, legacy and future. Drawing inspiration from Hong Kong’s rich maritime heritage, the yellow-and-blue logo is an iteration of the international signal flag Kilo, which means “I want to communicate with you”. This reflects a foundational purpose of a news company like the South China Morning Post.

The new look’s two-pane design also highlights the importance of understanding the world from both sides of the story, which is key to truth and fairness. In addition, the new identity, which graphically resembles a broadsheet newspaper, pays tribute to SCMP’s legacy as Hong Kong’s paper of record for 114 years.

Gary Liu, CEO of the South China Morning Post, said, “The new branding represents the future of the South China Morning Post. Over the past few years, SCMP has stepped into significant change and our transformation is now accelerating as we become a global media company. As we grow into new marketplaces across multiple platforms, we need to have an identity that is simple, recognisable, and iconic – one that tells the story of who we are, where we have come from, and what we hope to achieve.”

In conjunction with the new identity, SCMP is relocating its city office to Times Square in Causeway Bay. The new premises will take up approximately 100,000-square-feet of gross floor area over six floors. The office is an activity-based workspace, featuring social areas, huddle rooms, varied seating options, and an open atrium, among other features. The cohesive layout, collaborative spaces, and thematic social hubs are designed to improve internal communication, which will, in turn, foster deeper connections with the company’s stakeholders. Relocation to the city office begins this month and is slated for completion by December 2019.

Source: SCMP



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