R/GA Singapore creates ‘digital experience’ from customer data in campaign for Uber

R/GA Singapore has developed a campaign for Uber that enables customers  to view details of the trips they have taken during the year and share them on Facebook.


Users can access the information through a new microsite, www.yearwithuber.com, which forms part of its Year with Uber campaign.

The site, which contains line drawings of landscapes and cityscapes, hosts a series of “city stories” created from Uber rider data in Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. The stories feature animated snapshots of activity across each city.

The “personalized experience” includes data such as total rides taken, distance travelled, most frequent time of travel and trips during key “city moments” such as public holidays. Each experience concludes with a summary that can be shared on Facebook.

The design and build of Year With Uber also involved collaboration with R/GA offices in Buenos Aires, Bucharest and New York.

R/GA Singapore’s executive creative director, Mark Tipper, said: “Uber uses digital to bring you a physical experience, so we wanted to bring your physical experience back to a digital one.

“As humans, we have a fascination with turning statistics into something tangible, so bringing thousands of data points to life was a great way to encapsulate the feeling of an Uber ride into a fun, intriguing online experience.”

Uber APAC director of brand and strategy Eshan Ponnadurai said: “With this campaign, we wanted to thank all our riders for a great year and show how we’ve journeyed together with them throughout their lives in 2016.”


  1. James
    16 Dec 16
    9:02 am

  2. What a load of tosh….sharing details of your taxi rides….can it get more meaningless and boring?

  3. James
    16 Dec 16
    9:46 am

  4. Looks cool. @James haters gonna hate, mate. Grow up.

  5. Lames
    16 Dec 16
    10:01 am

  6. You know your life is really empty and meaningless when you have to watch and share some data visualisation of a years worth of cab rides you took …..dont you guys ever look at things from a consumers perspective?

  7. Giddy up!
    16 Dec 16
    11:42 am

  8. Made me giddy

  9. Ozzie
    16 Dec 16
    7:07 pm

  10. This is great proof of how digital has got its head planted firmly up its own bottom.

    Doing something just because it may look cool….or because you can….is not how brands are built.

    Uber doesn’t even seem to have a strategy…Grab has dragged them into a streetlight and are choking the hell out of them. Yet this is the best they can do….some fancy zigzagging lines showing where I went last year…feels a little creepy to be honest….the fact that they would actually keep such records.

    And only Uber customers can see this…..what about the heaps of potential customers out there….nada?!

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