Dave Trott: The power of not thinking

dave-trott-imageOne of the most influential books of the 1960s was The Power Of Positive Thinking.

It was on The New York Times Bestseller List for more than three years.

It sold five million copies worldwide.

Positive Thinking sparked a behavioural revolution.

The belief that if you wanted anything badly enough you could have it.

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‘It’s time to step up the creation of local content for global audiences’

fotiniAsia has an opportunity to create quality and innovative local content for global export, says Endemol Shine Asia’s Fotini Paraskakis, who argues the region has never had it so good

As the media industry moves further towards globalisation, what does this mean for content in Asia and, in particular, for our home-grown products?

Exciting times do lie ahead for our local content creation. In fact, we’ve never had it so good.

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‘Revolution gave us total freedom of speech’

nicolasSix years ago this month the self-immolation of a Tunisian street vendor triggered the Arab Spring. Ogilvy & Mather Singapore’s executive creative director, Nicolas Courant, witnessed the uprising first-hand and went on to produce era-defining work with his colleagues at Memac Ogilvy Label in Tunis. Here he talks to Iain Akerman about revolution and the role of advertising in social change

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A problem with spoilt and demanding millennials? You’re just becoming a grumpy old fart

picMillennials are “tough to manage” according to author and business consultant Simon Sinek, who lists four reasons for the workplace difficulties. In this post which first appeared on LinkedIn, Publicis Media’s Greater China chief strategy officer Shann Biglione dissects the observations and wonders if it’s more a case of the older generation becoming grumpy old farts

If you’ve been on social media lately, chances are you’ve seen Simon Sinek’s talk about millennials in the workforce.

If not, have a look, it’s pretty entertaining, and looooads of people seem to find it insightful. In a nutshell, Simon is offering his perspective on four reasons why millennials are “tough to manage” and “accused of being entitled, lazy [and so on]” at work.

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Novelties no longer: VR and wearable tech will enter the mainstream in 2017

tbwaIn this guest post, TBWA Hong Kong’s Jan Cho argues that wearable technology and virtual reality will lose their novelty status this year and start to solve genuine problems for brands

VR and wearable tech won’t have the same halo effect for brand communications this year.

In 2017, the key to designing brand communications with these technologies will be to break down the audience and platform behaviours of each and to use these technologies for a strong purpose for its intended audience.

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Digital trends brands should look out for in 2017

David KoAs sure as night follows day, the digital world will continue to evolve as marketers look for ever more innovative ways to reach and engage consumers. In this guest post, Daylight Partnership founder David Ko, now senior vice president of RFI Studios Asia, looks ahead to 2017 and beyond.

Dark Social:

First coined by Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic, Dark Social refers to social sharing not on semi-public platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and WeChat.

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The year ahead: a view from the World Federation of Advertisers

WFA logoIn this posting from the World Federation of Advertisers, the global body gazes into the crystal ball and predicts what 2017 may hold for marketers and public affairs in Asia and across the globe.

Rethinking digital investment: What percentage of my ads are being seen? How many are actually human beings? Where are my ads ending up? Am I really getting the ROI I’m told I’m getting?

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How to validate content for shareability and social promotion

ben-maden-director-at-matter-solutionsHow can you create content that gets shared and enhances ROI? In this guest post, Ben Maden from Matter Solutions, offers simple and free solutions to creating and testing content that works.


Everybody knows the cliché that content is king. It’s useful to generate content to share on social media, as well as being a way to promote your businesses services and increase your SEO. But what is the point of writing it if it’s not shareable?

How do you know what content is going to have more shares? There are a few factors you can consider prior to writing your content to ensure it will achieve the maximum social promotion:

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How China has given me a fresh perspective on being a creative

lisaWhen designer Lisa Hastings took a role in China with Cowan, it not only opened her eyes to a fascinating culture but gave her a new perspective on her job. In a posting that first appeared on LinkedIn, Lisa urges others to grab opportunities when they arise 

It is said that travel makes you grow as an individual. But I didn’t come to Shanghai to travel, I came to work. To immerse myself in Chinese culture and its lifestyle as design director for Cowan, for a few months – or potentially longer – to see how China rolls.

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An Australian perspective: how to meet regional marketing challenges in Asia

ashIsn’t it time Australian marketers made Asia key to strategy? In this guest post, Ashleigh Hall provides an Australian viewpoint on the case for progression, and flags where things can go wrong.

With President-elect Trump flagging that one of his first orders of business will be to withdraw America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the idea that Australia’s trading future lies in Asia has been rammed home over the past few days.

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