A number of f**k ups

Dr Mumbo wonders whether an email or a conversation might have been a better way to communicate the need to slap a photo in Mumbai Mirror’s Date Night column.


Proof, if any were needed, of the perils of inserting dummy copy in a story.

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Revealed: the escalator perils of the right handed

Never let it be said that readers of The Straits Times in Singapore – and, indeed, the publication itself – are afraid to speak up for the disadvantaged.


One letter in particular caught the eye of Dr Mumbo. It was a contribution that will have many Singaporeans hanging their head in shame. Will no one think of the right-handers among us?

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Pornhub: an unlikely brand ambassador?

Dr Mumbo doffs his cap to Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong. After all, it’s not every day you see a PM’s other half sharing a gag on Facebook about pornography, let alone in a country where material of a salacious nature is strictly off limits.


It’s certainly a ringing endorsement for Pornhub.

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An unconventional celebration

It is, how shall we say, one of the more unusual reactions to winning an award.


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Something almost happened in Singapore

The Straits Times is always sharp at finding the local angle. Like the time that the genius of Leonard Cohen almost paid the citystate a visit. Read more »

Marketers did not respond

Dr Mumbo thoroughly enjoyed a recent article by Campaign Asia that cast an analytical eye over the reactions of marketers to Facebook’s latest measurement woes.

Clients in Asia react to Asia's latest mistake

There was just one minor detail missing from the story that took the edge off its credibility: marketers. Read more »

Brutal complexity

Dr Mumbo is a fan of M&C Saatchi’s ‘Brutal simplicity of thought’ slogan.

He just thinks the agency didn’t quite stay true to its own mantra with the quote that went with the announcement of its new strategy chief today: Read more »

Sheepishly turning 20

So, BBH is celebrating 20 years in Singapore.

BBH black sheep

So the agency placed their black sheep mascot, which has the habit of popping up in different places around the agency, in various random locations around the city, made him go around in circles, and added a jaunty soundtrack. Read more »

Asia flavour

If anyone had the lingering belief that Australia is part of Asia, this ad for John West Salmon’s Street Asian Range may help to clear up the geographical confusion.

Here, in an ad by independent agency Cummins & Partners, the John West bear dances with a Psy lookalike to a K-pop rap with the words ‘Tuna flavour Asia’ sung repeatedly and highlighted on the screen for the audience to presumably sing along Karaoke-style.

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Aren’t you that awful PR agency?

Not everything posted on Facebook walls is glowingly positive – even in the carefully monitored real world at the social network’s APAC headquarters in Singapore.

But then perhaps there’s a sort of justice in mean comments that respond to scribbles on Facebook’s wall that are essentially ads.

Facebook Singapore wall

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